Why Asphalt?

Locate Nearby master contractors - Technician Forums - If you’re looking for a pavement material that’s not only long-lasting, but also affordable, asphalt is a great choice. You’ll not only enjoy the material’s rich, dark look, you’ll also enjoy its price over the price of both concrete and pavers. ..More

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The Benefits of a Career in the Asphalt Industry

Best Local commercial contractors - Repair DIY Message Board - If there’s one industry where you can find dedicated, hard-working individuals, it’s the asphalt industry. As a team, you and your partners can create a higher standard of living for your community and physically see the improvements you’ve made. If you have an interest in asphalt and a passion for hands-on work, you’ll love the people you work with in the asphalt industry. ..More

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The Difference Between Summer Asphalt and Winter Asphalt

Directory listing of licensed contractors - Technician Blogs - Summertime is a more ideal time to lay large amounts of asphalt, so in the winter, asphalt is mainly used for patching. This type of asphalt is generally available January through March and doesn’t need to be heated consistently in order to be used. This is mainly because asphalt poured on colder surfaces takes longer to cure, so our asphalt paving experts know smaller batches are better. In fact, winter asphalt can be stored and used later for another patching process. ..More

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Top 5 Enemies of Asphalt

10 Best reputed contractors - Repair DIY Wikipedia - When there are cracks or divots in asphalt that create areas of standing water, the water can break down the chemicals in the asphalt and cause the asphalt to weaken. . Once the asphalt weakens, it can make the cracks or divots worse and encourage potholes. ) comes in contact with asphalt, if it sits in puddles on top of the material, it can cause damage. No matter what kind of water (rain, sprinkler, well, etc ..More

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How Pavement Reacts to Temperature Changes

Listings Of technicians - Service Tech Forum Pages - Once the temperature drops again, the water freezes and expands, pushing the crack outward. . This freeze-thaw process can widen already-made cracks and can even cause more significant and dangerous damage like potholes. If snow, rain, sleet, or hail seeps into a cracked area of asphalt and the temperature warms, it results in water. During the winter, the temperatures can fluctuate above and below freezing and while there may not be any precipitation on the ground, there could still be some underneath ..More

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