5 Landscaping Ideas That Use Stones

Locate residential contractors - Maintenance Forum Pages - Nearly any size stone can be used, giving you a variety of looks. . You can even go small and use pebbles, fit together stones of different shapes and sizes, or layer paver stones over smaller stones. Try laying square, flat paver stones side by side for a modern appearance or multicolored river stones for something more natural. Stones are great for creating pathways around your home, through your garden, to your front door, and more ..More

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Curb Appeal: Homes

10 Best reputed residential contractors - Talk To An Expert - Repair Forum Pages - . You can also use outdoor lighting to guide your guests down a walkway and up to your front door. If you’re looking for curb appeal, what better way to achieve it than to highlight the best aspects of your home? With outdoor lighting, you can focus on the beautiful colors, landscaping, and/or design of your home and your front yard ..More

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Why Pavers Are a Good Choice for Drainage

Best Local contractors - Consumer Blogs - Because pavers have the ability to drain water, some towns have built their streets and sidewalks out of pavers. This lets them cut back on the number of sewer lines or water channels they need; instead of dealing with sewer overflow from too much water, the water can simply drain through the pavers and save both time and money. . These features allow water to run through them and back into the ground below instead of sitting on top, like it would with asphalt or concrete. Pavers are permeable and are laid with small spaces in between them ..More

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When is the Best Time for a Driveway Repair

Service Expert commercial contractors - Blogs - Faq's - Answers - It is possible to patch potholes, but a patch will not solve the underlying problem, so you may need to replace your driveway. Since temperatures fluctuate above and below freezing often, the repeated expanding and contracting of the ground can lead to weakening of the asphalt followed by potholes. Potholes can also cause problems for your vehicle’s suspension. . When the water freezes, the ground expands, and when the water melts, the ground contracts. Potholes on driveways and other surfaces form when water in the ground below the asphalt freezes and melts ..More

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The Bad News About Modern Roads…

Locate Nearby certified contractors - Talk Repair - Forums - . It turns out that when most of these roadways were constructed, they were based on temperature data between 1964 and 1995; researchers found that 35 perfect of the roads were built using inappropriate materials (mainly, asphalt that was designed to withstand cold temperatures, but not hot ones). In the ASU study, researchers looked at the asphalt used to build 800 roads around the country, then compared those asphalt types to the recent temperatures in the corresponding areas ..More

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